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PUMP UP YOUR $avings
Enhanced Savings Account

At Greenbax Marketplace, we have your back. Which is why, unlike other cannabis banking programs, we offer a Enhanced Savings Account. An account that helps your money make more money.

The rate will vary. Today the Annual Percentage Yield (APY)  is 2.75% and the Annualized Percentage Rate (APR)  is 2.71%.*

How does it work?

Funds that sit in this account can earn interest. As you earn interest, these funds will be held in a subaccount, set up for you and tied to your North Bay Credit Union accounts.

Apply today or schedule a call with us and discover just how much money your money can make.



*Interest rate is subject to change (today’s rate is 2.75 % per annum). Interest earned based on the average daily balance you maintain throughout the month. Interest earned will be credited to your Enhanced Savings Account by the first of the following month. Greenbax Marketplace Enhanced Savings accounts are held at North Bay Credit Union and are NCUA insured (up to $250,000). Terms and conditions apply.